Friday, 8 August 2014

Oh dear - the thing of changing your mind..... a woman thing?

Dear Blogger...

The thing no one tells you

The thing no one tells you about renovating together is that you are going to have differing opinions and the secret is compromise compromise compromise.

My dear husband and I have not got it right yet but we are getting better at it as time goes by.

What I have learned is that all items pertaining to the low set post war HERITAGE home is more expensive - on a tight budget: the handles are more expensive, the corbels are more expensive and in general the look is more difficult to achieve, thereby having a greater cost.

Gumtree, Ebay are local council pickups are my friends and keeping my eyes open for sales.

The sad thing is though we have renovated everything and not one item of furniture has been left unpainted we have still overcapitalized greatly... 

Wait for my kitchen photos though, it was a real combination effort.... 


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