Friday, 8 August 2014

What we do in our bathroom


Don't you love it when....

BEFORE - my "Small" renovation

Brett assisting builder and friend with 

 jack-hammering up the floor....

A small renovation of "just changing the tiles and adding new fittings" and "oh no, we wont move any plumbing or electrics" turns into - crumbs, the floor is rotten!!!

The plumbing and electrics moved

The finished product - as lovely as it it - there are definitely things I would change....

  • putting the taps in the middle of the bath makes climbing in and out of the bath without sustaining a scratch or two a major feat
  • As stunning as the vanity is - I may not purchase the brand from IKEA. It clearly has had some problems since it has been taken off the market and I cannot purchase a new top.... : (

The tiles on thew walls were a gift from a friend who I an eternally grateful to - thanks Jo and Brett and my builder Steve who has been wise, honest and understanding about keeping the peace between my hubby and I about purchasing the most expensive heritage taps....

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