Monday, 18 November 2013

On our way to visit South Africa

Visit to South Africa  - November 2013

Today I reflect on our stay in Brisbane as we embark on our journey back to Africa.  This time I embark as an Australian citizen, a proud homeowner and a "mini" education to tell about.  

I am most excited about visiting friends from where we come and excited to see what has changed and who has moved on in the time we have been away but I am also incredibly apprehensive about what has not changed and has not moved on.

How exciting to be spending Christmas with my family - every year at Christmas time I have a real pang about how "of course" the rest of Australia are lighting candles on Christmas eve amid glazed turkeys, trifles and of course who can forget that awful slaw from the local grocery centres.....

I think last year it finally dawned on me that, by the number of people who attend the lonely souls boxing day get together at my home, my idyllic pipe dream was just that.

So yes, I am still excited to be with family at Christmastime but am equally as excited to be meeting family for what feels like the first time and spending time with my lovely Brett at a B & B.  

It pains me to leave my child behind and I know I will get many questions about her staying behind, but she is after all a grow young woman with her very own mind.  

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